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Import from Datagraph-med Files

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There are two situation where you may need to import data which is already in Datagraph-med file format.

The first situation is when you have upgraded to a newer version of Datagraph-med and want to import your older data into the new file format. This is done automatically in the moment when you first select and open your old data file. Datagraph-med will create a new file and import your preexisting data. It does not change the old file and stores the imported data under the same name adding a _5.40 extension, to indicate the new file format.

The second situation is when you want to merge data of two or more different Datagraph data files which are already in the same file format. In this cases please proceed with the the following steps:

1. - As a precaution against loss of data make backup copies of all data files involved before starting any import attempt and keep on a separate media such an an USB stick for example.

2. - Create a new, empty data file and make the appropriate default settings of laser type, surgeons name etc.

3. - Click on 'Import/export' from the main menu

4. - Click 'Import from...' and 'Datagraph'

5. - Select the file you want to be imported and then start importing data by clicking the 'start import' button below. Repeat this for the second or third file you want to import.




Note: the data which is imported to the current file is either adding patients as new files or adding data to existing patient. Existing patients are identified by their name and treatment ID numbers. If the file to be imported contains different names and treatment ID combinations, you will be prompted to identify these patients or they will not be imported.