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Data Import

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From the main menu or from the data table view you can reach a special import/export window.

There are 3 basic data tables in Datagraph - Patient Data; Treatment Data and Examinations. It is a one --> to many --> to many link as one patient can have several treatments and each treatment will have several examinations (follow up visits). Importing data means filling these 3 Datagraph tables correctly with data.

There are several options for importing data.


Data can be imported from existing Excel tables or other Datagraph-med (Access) data files.


Besides this, patient data, refractions and visual acuities can be imported into existing Datagraph files from:


Medistar front office software. (a BDTA export macro must be added in Medistar)
IFA front office software. (a BDTA export macro must be added in IFA)
Car Zeiss Medited MEL 80 lasers.
Schwind ETS AMARIS lasers.


At the 'aberrations tab' zernike coefficients can be imported from the following diagnostic instruments:


The Nidek OPD Scan II and OPD Scan III and OPD Station Software
Visx WaveScan Aberrometer
Wavefront Sciences / Carl Zeiss Meditec COAS Aberrometer
Optikon Keratron Scout Topographer
CSO Sirius Scheimpflug Camera
Nidek AL-Scan Biometer