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To move from field to field during data entry you should use the 'tab'-key as much as possible. If you want to go back one field without using the mouse press 'shift'+'tab'.

Using the tab-key while going from field to field will speed up data entry as some fields will be filled automatically with data. For example cylinder and axis fields will be changing from 'empty' to 0 as soon a value has been entered for the sphere.

If you have entered a surgery date the pre OP date will be set to this date automatically when first entering the follow up box. The last entered surgery date will be memorized and used as default for the next new file.

Entering dates becomes faster when you type 5/15 followed by tab. It will be automatically changed to 5/15/2003 (current year). Note that there should not be a second backslash when you enter the short form of the date.

First and last name fields will capitalize the first letter automatically - so it is not necessary to press the shift key when entering names.

To select one item from a drop down list press 'alt' and the 'down' key followed by multiple clicks on the 'down key' and 'enter' to select the list item.