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Export graphs to PowerPoint

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Datagraph med exports graphs as 'MS Graph Object' and simply can be copy-pasted into PowerPoint.

Usually you should choose your PowerPoint layout first and then open both – Datagraph-med© and PowerPoint simultaneously. Use 'Alt+Tab' to switch between the two programs. The text and some of the scales within graphs depend on the regional settings of Datagraph-med©. You may change these settings temporarily when making presentations for international meetings. For example: if you use a decimal scale to enter visual acuities but need to make slides with 20/20 snellen acuity labels you can change the VA chart type settings in Datagraph-med© temporary when making slides.

Note: Bar graphs, showing the results at different points in time, can be animated in PowerPoint by setting the options in 'user defined animation'. See PowerPoint help file for further information.

See the sample presentation on the Datagraph-med©  installation media.